[K-OS] Knot Online Seminar

[K-OS] is an online research seminar which focuses on knot theory and low-dimensional topology. Talks will be delivered by authors of recent arXiv articles that made a breakthrough in our field. It happens the 3rd Thursday of months from 16:15 to 17:15 (CET/CEST Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich) on Zoom.

It is organized by Alexandra Kjuchukova, Lukas Lewark, and Emmanuel Wagner. It benefits from logistical support from the CNRS and the university of Paris.

If there is a recent arXiv preprint which you would like to see featured on the seminar, please email the organizers with your suggestion.

Forthcoming Talks

  • Speaker: Qiuyu Ren (University of Berkeley)
  • Title: Khovanov skein lasagna module detects exotic 4-manifolds
  • Abstract: We present new calculations of the Khovanov-Rozansky 𝔤𝔩2 skein lasagna module defined by Morrison–Walker–Wedrich, which enabled us to show the -1 traces on -52 and P(3,-3,-8) are not diffeomorphic. This gives the first gauge/Floer-theory-free proof of the existence of exotic compact orientable 4-manifolds. Time permitting, we present other exotic pairs obtainable from our work, or present proof ideas of our results.

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